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What is a plan of care for seniors

A Plan of Care begins when someone reaches out to a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). The CSA will gather personal information about the client and their family or support team member. Then the CSA, in most instances, will schedule a site visit. During this visit, the CSA will observe not only the client but will look at the living environment of the client. The CSA will develop a written Plan of Care with, in most instances, with the client and family or support team member(s).

This Plan might include some of the following items:

  • Medical Equipment Needs—this could include purchase and installation
  • Care Location—this could include relocation of furniture, or removal of items that cause safety concerns
  • Daily Activities—does the client and family or support team need additional services–Personal Assistance Services, Hospice, Skilled Care, Advocate Services, Caregiver Training, etc.
  • Discussions regarding Client Care
    • Current Care Plans in place
    • Do they have the appropriate forms completed in case of an end-of-life situation and they could not speak for themselves
  • Financial Needs—Long term Insurance or other methods to pay for services
  • Long-Term Plans—can they remain in their current location or do they need to consider a move
  • Involvement of Family or support Team Member(s)

Everyone has different needs and requests for service and the CSA must remain open and observant to meet these needs and adjust the Plan of Care as needed.