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“Sue, it is my pleasure to tell you how much you have helped me during a difficult time in my life. When we first met, I told you what my most immediate needs were. I was spending a lot of time planning, ordering, and preparing meals, so you helped me arrange Meals on Wheels to address this need. I gave you a list of the events for which I needed a ride. You consulted with me by phone and recommended several drivers for me to interview. As it turned out, one of the drivers uses the same beauty shop I do and lives in my neighborhood. She now takes me to the beauty shop once a week and to most of my doctor appointments. Until that service could begin, you drove me yourself to my appointments. You also put me in contact with Terri Bart and Care Builders at Home with whom I now have an agreement for them to provide drivers whenever my regular drivers cannot take me where I need to go. You have assured me that if I need you any further, I am welcome to reach you. Thanks again for being such a knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful Certified Senior Advisor. I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know you. Warm regards, Betty

Betty Rowland
Feb. 27, 2023

Sue Wallace CSA Testimonial Sharon

“I have known Sue Wallace since about 2010, and consider her not only one of my dearest friends but also one of the most consummate professionals I have ever met. She has always brought concise and helpful insights into every topic of conversation regarding our mutual professional interests. We both work in the healthcare field for senior citizens. Her role as a Certified Senior Advisor is invaluable for folks who do not live locally but have loved ones here who are in need of an advocate. She brings compassion, skill and common sense to a field that can be filled with high emotions and frustration. I whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance in this area of what can be extraordinarily difficult decisions.”

Cindy Ward
Medicare Specialist

“I have known Sue Wallace for more than 10 years. During that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with her on many projects, as well as asking her to help me on projects. Sue is passionate, articulate, conscientious, and results-oriented. Her business operates on the same principles by which Sue lives her life: Do well, do it with integrity. I am proud to know Sue and to be known by her. I trust her work and her judgement implicitly.”

Sara Zink, via LinkedIn

“Sue’s dedication to both her clients and her employees is amazing. She is a caring and supportive CSA, a true leader in her industry, and a fierce advocate for seniors and their rights. If you are looking for immediate help for yourself or a loved one, or simply advice on issues facing seniors, give Sue a call – her depth and breath of knowledge is phenomenal.”

Paula Hill, via LinkedIn

“Sue Wallace is one of my mentors in BPW, Business and Professional Women of Texas. She oooozes professionalism. Always poised and gracious with a good business sense. I would not be where I am today without Sue having pressed me on to achieve a talent for public speaking.”

Sarah Goodrich

“Sue’s presentations are fun and enlightening. She does a wonderful job of engaging her audience to make sure they aren’t only getting the information, but retaining it, and finding ways to put it to good use. I highly recommend attending her talks whenever you can.”

Gerry Rubendall
Gonzo Strategies

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue for a little while but feel like its been a lifetime of friendship. She has the ability to open her heart to everyone and welcome them in! When you have questions related to Senior Care, I send everyone to her. Even when she cannot help them directly, Sue will give them a action plan of next steps to follow for help. I am so blessed to have Sue as a resource and go to person! I would recommend her for anyone that is looking or needing assistance with a Senior or Speaker on the subject. When it comes to healthcare, I was told once that if you want to know someone – Sue is it, she will come out to any venue to provide a uplifting and inspirational discussion or seminar concerning Seniors. Call Sue first – you will not regret the decision.”

Tim Wendt
Edward Jones