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CSA Code of Professional Responsibility

Competence: Keep professional training, skills and knowledge current and comprehensive to competently provide professional services to clients.

Honesty: Shall not lie, cheat or steal and must accurately communicate to clients their professional licenses, credentials and other business qualifications and must be clear in their communications with clients.

Trustworthiness: Must act in a trustworthy manner by promptly and courteously addressing client questions and concerns and performing their services in the client’s best interests.

Fairness: Conduct professional activities fairly and impartially and must disclose all potential or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise.  Must safeguard client, potential client and business associate information.

Professionalism: Must serve with the highest degree of professionalism, use due diligence and act in good faith in all matters, upholding both the standards of the CSA designation and any other licenses or credentials held.