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About Sue Wallace, CSA

Sue Wallace, Certified Senior Advisor

Sue Wallace has been working with seniors and compromised individuals and their support systems since 1994. Sue began one of the first Personal Assistance Services in Tarrant County and managed that business for over 26 years. She has extensive and specialized knowledge about many aging issues including Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Sue Wallace has been a Certified Senior Advisor since 2007. Her passion lies in helping her clients navigate the aging processes, and Sue can also act as an advocate when required. This is especially important when support teams are unable or unavailable to provide care for their loved ones.

Sue Wallace's CSA Certification Badge

Sue Wallace founded Assisted Services Inc., on April 1, 1994 after realizing that senior citizens and their families needed a cost-effective alternative to remain independent in their chosen environment. Sue served as the President and CEO of Assisted Services, a licensed personal assistance provider which included care in private homes, retirement, assisted living and full care center communities.

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(1994 to 2020)

She began her business in 1994 as a ground floor opportunity without the benefit of a proven model to emulate because there were no businesses doing what she felt the senior community needed. Assisted Services offered services throughout Tarrant County.

Prior to 1994, Sue was the owner of two restaurants and spent 22 years working for Southwestern Bell Telephone, primarily in supervisory and corporate management positions. Sue was one of the first women to hold positions that were previously held by men. In fact, the word “man” was in her title for over 8 years!

Sue is active in her church and several healthcare and networking organizations including Tarrant Area Gerontological Society, Continuity of Care, the Network for Enterprising Women, The Linked Network DFW, Women’s Table Talk Networking Fort Worth, Healthcare Connections, and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Sue is well respected for her skills in networking, mentoring, and building relationships with others. Sue is also a member of the Arlington Woman’s Club and volunteers for the Christian Women’s Job Corps.