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Kendra_KinnisonThank you to my dear friend Kendra Kinnison for featuring me on her blog, The Habit Chef.

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Here is an excerpt:

Often, we assume that the best online marketers are young. I’m delighted to share this week’s profile because Sue Wallace shows us why that stereotype is dead wrong. I’ve known Sue for over a decade, and our conversations are always peppered with the new skills and technologies she’s learning. It’s been a joy to watch her enjoy year after year of success by consistently applying new ideas to her business.

In this interview, Sue takes us back to the mindset and priorities that provide her foundation, and how she continues to add new layers in building her business and her life.

Sue, let’s start with the most important question. How do you define success?

Success begins with finding work that you truly are passionate about and that makes a difference in the lives of others.

I’ve always tried to make decisions that benefit ALL parties involved. When you benefit others your own success comes naturally.

Frankly, success is a mindset – it all begins between your ears. You can’t be afraid to take risks and you need to be open minded enough to learn and utilize new skill sets.