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What does the thought of “Organizing” and “Spring Cleaning” bring to your mind?

The word “Organization” makes me think of having what I need in areas easy for me to access. The words “Spring Cleaning” makes me think of fresh starts and a good time to bless others with some of my worldly possessions and make room for me to get better organized which can save me time and energy.

Webster’s definition of organizing is to “form parts into a functioning whole” so I guess I’m not too far off in saying I need to get more organized because I waste too much time because things are not where I think they should be. There are some people you know, (and for the record, I’m sure by now, you are realizing I am not one of them) who stay organized all of the time. They have everything at their fingertips, but how do they do that? I don’t know if I or we can become that individual but I thought I would discuss tips on organizing in an effort to start saving time and yes, even money. Let’s take it an area at a time.

The dreaded “Closet”

I have a friend who cleans her closet frequently and if she has not worn that outfit in 18 months gives it away. It is gone, poof, it is history! She loves to shop so it necessary to constantly make room for new items. I am not like that, I like to hang on to clothes I like, even if they are outdated, too small or need repairing. I think this comes from never having many clothes as a child but that is a topic for another day. My point is it is hard for me to clean out my closet but I found a tip that helps me and I want to pass it on to you. Have someone help you clean out your closet; maybe it is a close friend or a professional closet organizer. Oh yes, there are such people out there and they are good. The last time my closet was cleaned out, I hired someone to help me, her name is Karla Sparger (817-517-4177) and she was my salvation when it came to cleaning and organizing my closet. She sat me in a chair close to the closet so I could see well and told me we were going to create three stacks:

  1. Items I loved, were in good repair, and I could not do without
  2. Items that I liked, were usable but needed repair, in other words “maybe” items
  3. Items I could do without and needed to bless to someone else

Away we went or rather away she went, she started showing each item to me and I had to choose which stack they belonged in. The amazing thing was the #3 stack became bigger and bigger. About that time, I began to realize several things: it was easier to make these decisions when I did not physically touch “my things”, we discovered some items I had forgotten were in my closet, and it felt good to know “someone” or in my case, many “someone’s” could enjoy or be blessed by having a “new” outfit to wear.

Once, Karla helped me identify the items I wanted to keep, she then helped to group things together into outfits so I wouldn’t have to decide what blouse goes well with what pant or skirt etc. what a time saver for me!

It is time for Karla to come again because my closet once again needs revamping. I have way too many things!

Cleaning all other areas including many drawers and cabinets

Take on this project one area at a time, schedule time to clean or re-organize items in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, etc. It helps me to complete one area before moving to another and I am always surprised at what I “find” and how little time it takes to clean one drawer or cabinet. I think it overwhelms anyone when thinking of spring cleaning the whole house rather than breaking it down into smaller workable pieces. Another tip is to write your cleaning plans down, think about using a calendar or notebook to schedule your cleaning project. It helps me because I can see if I am staying on track and especially to see what I am accomplishing.

Get the whole family involved if possible and work as a team in completing this project. Remember everyone in your household can do something to help. Make it FUN!! My mantra is “If it isn’t fun I don’t want to do it” so make it enjoyable for everyone involved. Do not try to “eat the elephant in one bite”. It might take a year or longer to complete your project. Also, by involving others, it might help keep things in their place once your cleaning project is completed.

You might want to bargain or barter with a friend to help them with their cleaning project(s) and then they can help you with yours. Sometimes, we simply forget to consider our resources or ask for help.

Another tip is to seek help from a professional housekeeper or organizer. Many retailers’ feature items to help you better organize your home or office. Look around these stores for ideas or products to help you in achieving your specific organization needs. Rather than spending money see if you have things in your home or office that can serve the same purpose saving both money and utilizing things you are already have on hand. If you feel you cannot accomplish your project without enlisting the help of a professional, make this a priority. You may need to skip a coffee stop or two to make this happen but I think you will be glad you did.

My final tip is to repeat myself – Having a clean and organized home and office environment will help you save time, money and energy. I’m ready to get started, are you?